Thursday – “Full Collapse”

Play “Catch-Up” with Post-Hardcore.

In the likeness of my previous Thrice post, this late entry is partly due to the fact that no albums worthy of a “Weekly Album Pick” were released, and that a band that changed my perspective on music and philosophy recently called an indefinite hiatus.

On November 22, 2011, Thursday announced that they would no longer be acting as the band that once was. They stated that there was no bad blood between members, just personal difficulties that were affecting the progress of the band.

In 2001, my sophomore year of high school, I happened to come across a live version of “Autobiography of a Nation” on the “Plea For Peace: Take Action” compilation. Little did I know a complication would hold such weight and influence on my life. I quickly became captivated by this track, but at some point, I had moved on to other music.

It was not until I was headed to a local band’s show with @timothydean, that I recognized the song that was faintly audible through his truck’s speakers. I probed by asking “who the band was” and he responded, “Thursday.” It all came full circle. This is the band that I had given up searching for but realized why; they’d initially had such an impact. Their sound was so different from NOFX and No Use For A Name.

I recall, after the show, almost immediately going out and buying “Full Collapse.” On top of how ground-breaking their sound was, their artwork spoke volumes; It was nothing like I had seen before. On the outside, all was light and calm. But as soon as you opened the jewel case, dark and bleak. Traces of binary between the tracks “A0001” and “I1100” along with the lyrics to both resounded a clear message: times are changing… it’s time to adapt and understand. The artwork was as provocative as the music itself.

This album is a must own. Regardless of musical taste, it defined the post-hardcore genre, it was more aware of the current state of the world than the majority of punk records, and it pushed the boundaries of the pop genre. This holiday season, use those iTunes gift cards to add a little perspective, intellect, and culture to your music collection.

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