Video Games

Myers-Briggs and Games

How different could the world of gaming be if games tailored themselves to your personality type?

The industry has been on such a kick of developing games around choice and ethics, but what if a game learned the aspects you did and did not like about it?

I align as an INFP (Myers-Briggs). I believe I have a hard time with MMORPGs because I find the grind daunting. Some personality types may love this experience because they feel that they are constantly completing little challenges. I love short 2-3 hours games because they have the ability to tell a complete story in a small chunk of time, similar to a film. I used to be enthralled with larger RPGs but, much like reading novels, began to find that around 10 hours into a 40+ hour story/experience, I would be filled with anxiety, just wanting to know how everything pans out without every little detail.

I propose for game creators to build games that learn their gamer’s personality type, then shape the gameplay around that. The best example I can think of this type of experience is Mass Effect 3’s allowance for the user to decide if they want to focus on story, action, or both.


Curious about your personality type? Take the free Jung Typology Test:


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