Freelance Whales – “Diluvia”

Dream-pop with a cache of catchy hooks and majestic ambiance.

Late last year, I posted my top 5 albums of 2012:

  1. Austin Wintory – “Journey OST” (iTunes)
  2. Infinity Shred – “EP 001 (Gnar Dream)” (iTunes) | (Amazon MP3) | (Bandcamp)
  3. Andrew Bird – “Hands of Glory EP” (iTunes) | (Amazon MP3)
  4. knife city – “knife city EP” (Bandcamp)
  5. The Shins – “Port of Morrow” (iTunes) | (Amazon MP3)

Not only had I posted on TheStarrList, I sent the post over to, to which IGN reader TheNorvy suggested I remove knife city’s “knife city EP” in lieu of Freelance Whales’ “Diluvia”. He prefaced with “It’s my cousin Kevins band so even if I didn’t like them(I love them) I’d recommend them.”

To his suggestion, I opened up Rdio and decided to take the record for a spin. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

The album opener “Aeolus” takes the listener into the clouds with longing chants that have been ringing in my hear ever since the first listen. This theme is carried out throughout the album with clever hooks, dreamy melodies, and waves of heart-felt progressions. Hit after hit pacing is kept up throughout the record, each song working independently while at the same time completely a greater whole. “Diluvia” leaves it very hard for the listener to only choose 3 or 4 songs for standout tracks when nearly every song on the record captivates with catchy hooks and euphoric soundscapes.

Freelance Whales’ sound falls somewhere between M83 and Mew with more organic timbre. It’s “forest rock” approach will ooze a touch of Fleet Foxes meets Death Cab for Cutie. “Diluvia” is a captivating listen that will keep you coming back for more. Had I learned about this record earlier, I may have subbed knife city’s “knife city EP” for “Diluvia“.

Standout Tracks: Aeolus, Follow Through, Locked Out, Winter Seeds, The Nothing, DNA Bank

Buy: (iTunes) | (Amazon MP3)


Kyle Starr is the writer of and The State of Gaming. Find Kyle on Twitter at @_kylestarr.


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