5 Things: Inspiration for the Week of 1/28/13

Get inspired by Coldplay, Lights & Motion, Alton Brown, The Egg, and The Gospel of Inclusion.

Coldplay: Live 2003 [DVD]

From the music to the production value, there is something for everyone in this music DVD. Some will appreciate Chris Martin’s energy and appreciation for the crowd while others will gravitate toward the sweeping camera shots, close ups, and film grain. Every song is shot a different from the last and the clarity of the audio mix is astonishing. The barrage of music flurries mixed with the layers of reverb and crowd contribution is enough to send chills down your spine. Get a taste of the DVD with this performance of Politik. For those of you delivering speeches or working one on one with the public, believe that you can command intimate moments with the masses.

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Lights & Motion – “Reanimation”

Those familiar with Explosions In The Sky will find vast similarities within instrumental-inspiration-rock’s Lights & Motion debut album Reanimation. Those that are not might want to brush up with a viewing of Friday Night Lights or this. Huge drums, building string arrangements, and gorgeous flurries of delay soaked guitars will move you from highs to lows and back again. Thanks to’s Jason Tate for the recommendation!

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The Nerdist: Alton Brown

Science-nerd-turned-chef Alton Brown will certainly set your day off in the right mood when he and the Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick, discover “what is it that we really enjoy doing in life, now I want to build my work around that thing I love.” In Alton’s case, it was mashing up the likes of Julia Childs, Monty Python, and Mr. Wizard to create Good Eats. It just goes to show that your collection of interests can contribute to something incredibly unique… and successful!

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The Egg

Simply put, The Egg is a short story by Andy Weir with an interesting take on existentialism and God. Regardless of your beliefs, it is an interesting and enlightening way to look at life before, during, and after.

Link The Egg

This American Life: Heretics

Along with The Egg, This American Life’s episode Heretics explores a new take on spirituality in which once-flurishing Reverend Carlton Pearson became a heretic by denouncing his belief in Hell. Pearson’s Gospel of Inclusion encourages the idea that we can all strive for betterment and help one another regardless of our individual faiths, lifestyles, sexual orientations, etc.

Download This American Life | iTunes

What inspires you? Sound off in the comments below!


Kyle Starr is the writer of and The State of Gaming. Find Kyle on Twitter at @_kylestarr.


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