Editor’s Pick: Woodkid – “The Golden Age”

If “The 20/20 Experience” thinks itself a visual album, JT’s got another thing coming…

For most, March 19th marked the triumphant musical return of Justin Timberlake. However, on the release date of “The 20/20 Experience,” a lesser known work of art was unveiled to the masses.

Woodkid’s “The Golden Age” is seemingly a collage of film scores strewn together, layered with the tender vocals of French music video director and graphic designer Yoann Lemoine. The instrumentation provided throughout the record will surely remind many of the dark and heavily orchestrated Bond 23 theme Skyfall by Adele while those keen to the video game industry will find notes taken from the massive orchestrations found throughout the God of War franchise.

The album opener and title track “The Golden Age” captures the listener with a delicate piano intro and cascades of string arrangements. This is quickly followed by the percussion heavy, marching band influenced “Run Boy Run.” Not to damper the pace, “The Great Escape” is reminiscent of a Western’s victory ride into the sunset.

Yoann’s vocals offer the aged warmth of Adam Turla (Murder by Death), albeit higher, sharper, and shakier. Notes of Zach Condon (Beirut) will shine through Yoann’s deep, dark sheath, displaying otherworldly color. It is a comfortable croon layered atop large orchestras and percussion heavy pieces.

Overall, the album plays as a series of perfect trailer scores and film themes. Big, rich, deep, bold, calm, and sweeping arrangements will tantalize listeners, offering a welcome change to the electronic heavy, dream-pop of the “hipster” movement.


Run Boy Run

I Love You

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Kyle Starr is the writer of and The State of Gaming. Find Kyle on Twitter at @_kylestarr.


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