Starr Shorts: Case of the Mondays…

Putting the Office Space trope to rest.

If this clip hits home for you, try looking at Mondays from another perspective.

Mondays bring hope.
Mondays are a chance to start over.
Mondays are a stage with opportunities to be found, showcased, or discovered.
Mondays harbor perseverance as they welcome those who hate to rest.
Mondays inspire by introducing five days of possibilities, wonder, and boundless potential.
Mondays are freedom.


Waking up on Monday fills me with spells of hope. Knowing that recruiters are back in their offices and the retail sectors have calmed down relaxes my nerves and excites my bones. I stay glued to my inbox and news feeds, wondering what’s to come. The week could bring nothing but uneventful spam and tough interactions; however, a single email or phone call could bring peaks of joy or troughs of disappointment.

Every Monday is the beginning of a roller-coaster.


For more Monday Motivation, head over to and click on the “Motivation” link!


Kyle Starr is the writer of and The State of Gaming. Find Kyle on Twitter at @_kylestarr.


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